About the Book

I Lost Two Boobs and Gained Two Balls

One Woman’s Journey to Finding Her Voice

Healing Through Alternative Health Treatments

Author Gail Rognan


As a healthy fifty-eight-year-old woman, a cancer diagnosis rocked author Gail Rognan‘s world. In I Lost Two Boobs and Gained Two Balls, Rognan shares how she moved from fear and doubt to strength and serenity. She offers a raw, candid account of how she “grew a pair” and found her voice, realizing that in order to live she had to speak up and risk being judged and criticized.

Her unconventional path to healing is both a memoir and a practical, supportive resource for anyone whose life has been touched by cancer. Each chapter offers tips and resources for current cancer patients and chronicles the steps Rognan took in her own journey. By facing her illness and possible death head-on, she is offering knowledge that may make it easier for those who also have a difficult path to travel. By sharing her story, she sheds light on the darkness and guides you each step of the journey. Her story shares how you can learn how:

• our mind, body, and spirit intersect to help us heal ourselves;

• alternative health treatments can be combined with traditional health treatments;

• to listen to ourselves so we can avoid illness; and • our illness can teach us about who we really are.

Realistic and inspiring, a poignant story for those touched by cancer.

Gail Rognan and Oak Harbor Library at 1000 SE Regatta Drive cordially invite you to attend a “Meet the Author” which includes a book signing for Gail’s book, reading and discussion for her book I Lost Two Boobs and Gained Two Balls. Rognan offers a raw, candid account of how she “grew a pair” when diagnosed with breast cancer and found her voice, realizing that in order to live she had to speak up and risk being judged and criticized. Through her story, Rognan shares how our mind, body and spirit intersect to help us heal ourselves; how alternative treatments can be combined with traditional health treatments; how to listen to ourselves and avoid illness; and how illness can teach us about who we really are.

Book signing and reading will be on Thursday, March 10th from 2-3 PM.

Books will be available for purchase.

New insights…

While I feel that I am a partner with God in everything in my life, sometimes I must give the big stuff- the stuff I have struggled with all my life and just could not get past on my own totally to God. This means I am not in charge of the outcome which can be scary. But, in my experience the outcome it is always better than I could have imagined.

I did this with my cancer after it came back for the third time.

At that point, I faced my mortality. I quit my part-time job I had at the time, without knowing how I would pay my bills. I knew that I needed to take time off to either heal or prepare for my death.

I had seen my cancer as a dark hole which kept pulling me in. The pull was so strong that it took all my strength to resist it. I got tired of struggling and fighting.

So I gave in. I gave up. I let myself surrender to the force of the pull and be drawn into the darkness. I found a healing so profound there that it changed me forever. I had been living in a way that was running away from death and trying everything I could to stop the cancer. I was able to relax and let the cancer teach me what it came to teach me.

About 14 months ago, I lay in bed after giving reiki to myself and I reached my bottom. I said to God “God, either heal me or let me die”. I was done with the struggling and “fighting” cancer. I was okay of I was meant to die because in the end it was not my decision. If it was time for me to die then I would no matter what treatment I used to help cure my cancer.

I received an immediate answer- “You will heal with six months”. I felt such a peace and even a love toward my cancer which had taught me so much. But I no longer needed it as I had learned what I needed to from it. I learned that I was never in control. God is. And I surrender to that every day.

Since that morning, my life has changed drastically. When God saves your life, it is for a reason and one must listen to that reason and obey (or risk getting sick or having one’s life not work again). I promised to tell my story so I finished my book and talk to groups which I am doing now.

After that, everything changed. I had a healing session with an energy healer and knew I had been healed on a spiritual level. I continued sessions with her for about a year, and did the mental, emotional and physical healing work that I needed to do.

Yesterday, I realized that I must do the same thing with my issues around money. I have done all the “right” things- said the affirmations, tithed, accepted that prosperity is my birthright and that God does not want me to struggle with money. Once I was able to give the struggle over to God, something shifted in me. I realized how judgmental I am of rich people. I see them as arrogant and selfish but the truth is they can be lonely and deal with the issues that having lots of money brings. They are God’s children and need love just like anyone else. I was holding myself back because I did not want to become a selfish, arrogant person. But by having money, I can give more away and I can have the freedom to spend more time growing my faith and deepening my spirituality.

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